Thought it might be a good idea to list some of the relevants things that are on around the place for this month – even though I’m a bit late for some of them, it being halfway through the month and all, but here’s a few that are up coming for the rest of the month –

16th November – National Day of Tolerance
This is the day on which we are all supposed to observe and tolerate the traditions and cultures of others within our community, whether they be indigenous Australians or migrants.

16th – 22nd November – National Adoption Awareness Week
Started only last year, this is a week where the subject, mechanics and consequences of adoption are explored and the support for both birth parents of adopted children, and the adoptees themselves is brought into focus. Through a series of community based events that explore the adoption process, the program hopes to further foster the awareness of all the processes involved from various angles, and to use the knowledge gained from these activities to foster a more constructive attitude to adoption will flow through to policy-making, support services and education, and will help Australia work towards a more positive adoption environment.

The program for this year will be hosted by Deborra-lee Furness (Mrs Hugh Jackman) and moderated by Julian Morrow, will include speakers such as Tim Costello of World Vision; Hugh Evans of the Global Poverty Project; Dr. Jane Aronson of the World Wide Orphans Foundation; Michael Potter of the New Life Home Trust; Jacqui Gilmore of the Hope For Children organisation; and Scott Neeson from the Cambodian Children’s Fund.

19th – 22nd November – Classic Adelaide Rally
This one is especially close to some of us as one of members works tirelessly on this event every year – good on ya NOLA!  The annual car rally starts in the Adelaide CBD each day and travels through South Australian wine districts including McLaren Vale, the Adelaide Hills, Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Barossa Valley.

21st November – Our Annual General Meeting & Christmas Luncheon
Our AGM will be held immediately following the luncheon which commences at 12:30pm. The formalities of the day will begin at 1:15pm as usual.  Members please bring either a sweet or savoury plate to pool.

23rd – 29th November – Social Inclusion Week
An inaugural NATIONAL week of observation where activities are planned to include all members of the public regardless of race, creed or colour or any other object of discrimination. The catch cry for this project is “It’s not about me, it’s all about WE!”  The main event during this week will be the –

National Street Party
National Street Party is about connection, caring, inclusion and celebration. It aims to establish a sense of community by inspiring individuals and groups to look beyond their own ‘backyards’ and engage with those around them. It aims to inspire communities to come together, connect and care for each other.

In South Australia, there will be an event held by the Knox Community – Anglicare Australia’s “Living Beyond Suicide” group beginning at 5:00am – that’s right – 5:00am at either Adelaide Shores Sailing Club or Oarsman Reserve at West Lakes (you can start from either place) and walk 5kms to Henley Beach, where a rememberance ceremony will be held at 6:30am followed by a breakfast, entertainment by the Amazing Drumming Monkeys, and an open air market in Henley Square.

And that’s about it for what’s on around the place. There  is of course the Christmas Pageant on this morning in the city (I feel sorry for them walking in town in this stinking heat!), and the Christmas lights in the various towns get turned on later in the month.